Seasons of gratitude
Urban Cork Mural
I love lucy
Nicks Market Vintage Sign
Medicine Show 1
Welcome RR
Medicine Show 2
downed tree
Natives in woods
logging horses
elk herd
Cowboys chasing native2
picnic mural

Burn a few hours learning about the bounty and history of our region by hopping on an early afternoon art tour. Local art murals cover every theme from logging, railroads, mining, agriculture to wine and modern geometric prisms, all playing a part somehow in Southern Oregon history. This tour stops at murals located in Rogue River, Medford and Ashland. The tour picks-up & ends in downtown Medford. Before drop-off, will stop into Common Block Brewing and enjoy a glass of local craft beer. Because this tour ends right in downtown Medford, we encourage all participants to visit the local shops, restaurants and theaters afterwards. 

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