1. the practice or art of choosing, cooking, and eating good food.

    • the cooking of a particular area.

In Southern Oregon, we are blessed to be part of a community where the source of our foods can be identified and even be able to visit these farms. The farmers of Oregon know that top quality ingredients and sustainable practices are the foundation to a community's health and great produce. On our Farm-2-Table tour we are going to take you through a passage of time with food and we have partnered with the finest farm, creamery & restaurant location to share this story with you. Everything that will be eaten on this tour has been made from scratch or sourced from a local family owned farm. 

This culinary story begins in Central Point Oregon at the now world famous, Rogue Creamery Cheese Shop. This creamery originally opened its doors back in the 1930s but did not find its true calling, producing Blue Cheese, until 1954. As it goes, Rogue Creamery became the first cheese shop to offer blue cheese West of the Missouri River. Fast forward to today, and the creamery is now not only a local hot spot but has won accolades across the globe. In 2003, at the Worlds Cheese Awards in London, Rogue Creamery won the World’s Best Bleu Cheese of the year; A recognition never given to a United States creamery prior! 

Just down the road is our second stop at the local certified organic farm store, Fry Family Farms. Local couple Suzi and Steve Fry started back in 1990, as a small farm to grow organic crops to raise their five daughters on healthy land, stewardship & community. They have now expanded to multiple farm sites across the Rogue Valley, totaling over 90+ acres of organic produce. The farm store they opened not only offers produce but also tasty ferments, jams, farm fresh pies and much more. This store is a staple of the agricultural movement now emerging in Southern Oregon. 

This story comes together at our final stop, Larks Restaurant in downtown Medford Oregon. Larks Restaurant is a fine dining dream along with a much deserved reputation for leading the way on Farm-to-table dining. Their sole inspiration is based on "celebrating" Oregon’s farmers, creameries, wineries and orchards. Their chefs make creative culinary masterpieces using ingredients sourced directly from our local farms. They will be designing a special plate exclusive to our tour groups which will leave you enamored with Southern Oregons culinary nosh.


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