Approx. Time: 6 hours

Depart from Medford, OR.

The gold rush of the 1800s brought prospectors from all over once they caught word of the gold being found in Southern Oregon. To increase results, Southern Oregon gold mining outfits developed innovative mining techniques that would eventually be reproduced worldwide. Towns sprang up and disappeared overnight based on the flow of gold. However, some towns remained longer than others and are still here to explore. Learn about the history and explore two Ghost Towns containing historic post offices, churches, mercantile, and a pioneer cemetery; dating back as far as 1845. On this trip we also make a quick stop at the Historic Wolf Creek Inn, the longest operating lodge in the Pacific Northwest. Lunch prepared by a local gourmet deli is provided for each passenger. If you have any diet restrictions please call us 48 hours before your trip date and we can arrange Gluten Free, Vegan or Vegetarian options.    



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