Approx. Time: 6 hours

Depart from Medford OR Ashland

It is estimated that over 12,000 covered bridges were built around the United States beginning in the mid-1800s. Covered Bridges were built so that the bridges, made of wood at this time, could withstand the damp weather longer than a non-covered bridge. Pioneers learned that a bridge constructed of wood could last around 20 years, however, if they built a covered bridge it could last in excess of 100 years! Today some of these bridges are still standing and give us a peek into a time long forgotten in this new world of concrete. On this tour we visit 4 of Southern Oregon's remaining covered bridges. We will spend around 30-45 minutes at each location before loading up and moving on to the next bridge. This trip requires minimal walking and GREAT photo opportunities. Lunch prepared by a local gourmet deli is provided for each passenger. If a passenger has any diet restrictions, they need to let us know a min. of 48 hours before their trip date. We can arrange Gluten Free, Vegan or Vegetarian options. 

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