We Ask...Does it get any better than furry creatures, helping the environment and wine?


    We think NOT!!

Here at Southern Oregon Express we are aware that the best part of sharing the beauty of Southern Oregon, goes hand in hand with providing the information needed to preserve and sustain the local ecosystem. Looking to the future, we are beginning our transition into a sustainable tour company. This is an effort to reduce the negative impact on the places we share with guests because they mean this much to us. Sustainable tourism is the concept of harnessing the visitor flow to try and make a positive impact on the local environment, society, or economy.


We could not ask for a better partner in launching this vision than Wildlife Images. Wildlife Images has been rescuing and rehabilitating local wildlife since 1981, and has now teamed up to offer a tour that will give our guests the chance to give back and contribute to the local environment and economy. 

In the wild, animals spend most of their day foraging, hunting, escaping predators, finding mates and building dens or nests. Since they can’t do this naturally while being in care for rehabilitation, caretakers provide what is called enrichment activities. Enrichment helps stimulate all of the animals senses and encourage natural behaviors. At Wildlife Images they strive to mimic their natural habitats as much as possible and daily enrichment is the best way to do that.  


On this tour, participants will take household items that are used daily, that would otherwise end up in the landfill, and repurpose them into enrichment items, to help encourage natural animal behaviors. Not only will you get the experience of handcrafting fun enrichment goodies, but as a group we will be delivering them to the adorable critters of Wildlife Images! Then after delivering them to the animals, we head to   Del Rio Vineyards   for a glass of local wine, relaxation & nosh. 


All materials will be provided but if you want to make a positive impact on your home recycling, we encourage you to bring any listed materials. Please see list of approved materials below. 




Cardboard boxes - any size

Toilet Paper tubes

Paper Towel Tubes



Paper Bags

Wrapping Paper

Egg Cartons - cardboard only

Peanut Butter or Honey - to use as "glue"

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